Good Questions Candidates Should Ask Recruiters

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Here’s a question for you.  Which questions should you ask a recruiter? While job hunting, the importance knowing which questions to ask a recruiter is important. As a professional recruiter at Sourcing People, I understand that candidates who actively engage with recruiters or interviewers, prior to as well as in the interview, leave a lasting impression. To help candidates make a strong connection with the interviewer/hiring organization and gain valuable insights, here are some questions to ask a recruiter during the hiring process.

1. Can you share the job description?

Understanding all aspects of the role is crucial for any candidate. By asking for the job description prior to your interview, you demonstrate your commitment to preparing for the interview.  It also helps you gain a deeper understanding of the position’s responsibilities. In addition, it not only helps you tailor your responses to interview questions but allows you to better assess your personal fit with the job.  This is a great question to ask a recruiter.

2. Why did the position become open?

This question provides valuable context about the company’s work environment. Whether it’s due to expansion, restructuring, or filling a vacancy that was a result of an employee’s departure, knowing the reason behind the opening can shed light on the company’s growth, challenges, and future prospects.

3. How long has the position been open?

The duration a position remains open can be indicative of various factors.  These factors can include the urgency to fill the role or potential challenges in finding the right candidate. Understanding the timeline helps you manage your expectations and it provides insights into the company’s hiring process.

4. When would you like to fill the position by?

Clarifying the timeline for hiring aligns your expectations and availability with the company’s needs. It also allows you to manage your job search effectively and plan accordingly. This question demonstrates your proactive approach to the hiring process.

5. What are the key skills and abilities for the job?

While job descriptions provide a general overview, recruiters often have additional insights into the specific skills and abilities that are most important for the job. Asking this question prior to the interview also allows you to tailor your cover letter and resume to these while also allowing you to tailor question responses during the interview.  Furthermore, you can emphasize the skills you possess that matter most to the employer in communications with them prior to the interview.

6. Can you describe the company culture?

Understanding the company culture is vital for determining if it aligns with your values and working style. This question not only helps you assess your fit within the organization but also shows recruiters that you are considering the broader context of your potential workplace.


In conclusion, asking thoughtful questions prior to and during the interview not only helps you gather essential information but also showcases your enthusiasm and strategic thinking. By incorporating these questions into your conversations with recruiters, you demonstrate your commitment to finding the right fit for both parties.

If you’d like to discuss these and find out ways I can help you, Contact Dawn Hillrud by email or phone at 306.442.7460.

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