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Kn/a Sourcing People™ is a professional recruitment firm that provides a broad range of services, expertise, and focused resources. We develop long-term relationships with our clients and work in collaboration with you to determine a recruiting solution that meets your needs.

For Employers

We will work with your business from the outset of discovering your need to grow your team. This means determining the optimal performance profile for the positions, and arranging promotion of the job opening to provide thorough candidate exploration. We work with you to conduct interviews, interview debriefing, and will provide staffing recommendations based on our experience and knowledge of your business and industry. Our methods are designed to bring the best candidates to the table. For specific projects or long-term arrangements, our services are specialized to your needs.

For Job Candidates

By creating a profile with us, you are taking a step towards furthering your career! Once we get your profile, we screen and categorize your job experience and expertise for current and future openings, then we provide you with position profiles to help you make sure the fit is right for you.  We help you identify your strengths and help you before an interview to communicate them. We want to get to know you, because for us – this is personal!

Adding Value

Providing expertise in recruitment, organizational culture and strategy as well as by executing focused searches for candidates assists our clients in securing good candidates. It is the aim of Sourcing People™ to equip the managers with which we partner with ongoing recruitment skills that add value to their business and future recruitment activities.

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Service Options To Fit Your Needs

Engaged Search

When you need a good candidate for a specific position, Sourcing People™ provides an engaged and exclusive search; finding you that employee.  You get all of our services to help you get that good candidate that fits with the job, organization, and location.

Two-Year Contract

For companies with recurring recruitment needs, Sourcing People™ offers a two-year service contract. Sourcing People™ will get to know you, your organization, your location, as we source and assess candidates. Sourcing People™ then coaches you through your selection process.

Our Values

Considering People

Providing human resource services is not merely a technical activity.  Good recruitment solutions add value to the organization, are technically sound, and consider the people, the company culture, and relationships.

Sharing Knowledge

Sourcing People™’s goal is for clients to increase their understanding, knowledge, and capacity in the area of recruitment.

The Right Fit

The recruit starts by understanding what success is in the position. This, plus ensuring a fit with the organization and its culture, drives the sourcing and assessment of candidates.

Continuous Improvement

Our team continues with our own growth and development so we can serve our clients and candidates better. Sourcing People™ continues to grow too. We actively want to hear what our clients and candidates have to say about our service.

Solid Recommendations

Recommendations are based on the candidate’s ability to be successful in the position, the culture, values, and goals of the organization, as well as sound recruitment and employment practices.


Sourcing People™ has a privacy policy related to candidate information and maintains client confidentiality. We are fully insured for errors and omissions and carry commercial liability insurance.

Ask Us Anything

No, we help our candidates prepare for their next career move.  There is no cost to the candidate.

It depends on the location and the position.  For us, it is about getting the right fit for both the candidate and the hiring organization, keeping in mind that organizations typically want to hire as soon as possible.  In some cases, we have brought good candidates for the clients review in a matter of days.  For other positions or locations, it can take weeks.

We will help you determine what a fair market wage is for your positions.  We do this by understanding the market and your organization.

We are like match makers.  We match candidates to organizations, and we want that match to be positive for both parties.  Organizations engage Sourcing People™ to find candidates that are a good fit for their position and their organization. 

Additionally, we can find candidates that next career move.  When you share your résumé with us, we can look for your next position within our recruitments or our partners’ recruitments.

You bet.  We will work with you to ensure to keep things as confidential as possible.  Of course, at some point we do have to share your details, but we will work with you to ensure the timing works.

We wish we could say we are perfect, but what fun would that be?  However, we are really good.  We have successfully found a candidate for all of our clients.  In rare occasions when the fit was not just right for either the candidate or the organization, and the position became vacant during the guarantee period, Sourcing People™ started all over again.   We work to find that perfect match.

We strive to make our clients happy

let's be happy together