Kn/a Sourcing People™ is a professional recruitment firm that provides a broad range of services, expertise, and focused resources. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, and work in collaboration with you to determine a recruiting solution that meets your needs.

Are you a job candidate?

By creating a profile with us, you are taking a step towards furthering your career! We screen and categorize your job experience and expertise for current and future openings. We provide potential employers with a service that brings the best talent to the table. By conducting interviews and maintaining a thorough understanding of the positions and candidates, we provide thoughtful recommendations and advice to employers and candidates so that the placements are beneficial to all parties.

Are you an employer?

We will work with your business from the outset of discovering your need to grow your team. We determine the optimal performance profile for the positions, and arrange promotion of the job opening to provide thorough candidate exploration. We work with you to conduct interviewing, interview debriefing, and will provide staffing recommendations based on our experience and knowledge of your business and industry. Our methods are designed to bring the best candidates to the table. For specific projects or long-term arrangements, our services are specialized to your needs.