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We want to get to know you, your organization, and the community you work in. Recruitment is as much about the candidate's fit with your company’s culture as it is the skills and knowledge the candidate brings. It is also important that we understand the community the candidate will live and work in. We are working to ensure there are cultural, skills, and community fits for both our client and the candidate. Success for us is when both the candidate and client are happy with the placement.


We work hard at finding good candidates. Of course, we have and use the latest tools to support our search. Yes, we do all that social media stuff, as well as making direct contact with people. Additionally, we have a national and international network of like-minded recruiters who share candidates that we connect with. So not only is the Sourcing People™ team working for you, but also our broad network of recruiters.


We screen candidates effectively. The candidates we bring for your screening are going to be worth your time; candidates that can be successful in the position. Screening includes having conversations with the candidate, formal pre-screening, testing, and reference checking. Then we work with you and your team to assess the candidate’s fit for you and help the candidate assess the fit for them. Our assessment looks at micro (fit with the job and required skill set), macro (fit with team and people they interact with) and strategic (fit with the culture and strategic direction of the organization).

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You can’t succeed without the right people.  Finding the best fit for both the client and the candidate is important to us!

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