Woman’s Health Champion

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Familiar with principles of human subject research and screening protocols, passionate about quality care, empathetic listener, driven to achieve benchmarks, culturally competent and office friendly.

OPPORTUNITY SOUGHT: Looking for an exciting role to support agencies working on a holistic approach toward Women’s Health. Contribute to identify the needs of women as they progress from adolescence to adulthood and later life. Shouldering literature search, data collection and reviews to develop risk reducing strategies. Open to reach out at community level to support screening projects for HIV, cancers of cervix and Breast as well as other aspects of Women’s Health agenda.

Lives near Toronto, ON – Capable of remote work, mobile.

JOB TITLE: Health Promoter, Health Counsellor, Wellness Co-ordinator, Research Associate

EDUCATION: Specialist Obgyn – Registered with Medical Council of Canada as an Eligible Medical Graduate

EXPERIENCE: Specialist Obgyn, Health Advocate, Medical Expert, Communicator and Collaborator. (10+yrs)

CONTACT: dawn@sourcingpeople.ca

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