Interview Preparation – Getting into the Right Mindset

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It’s important that you’re mentally and emotionally ready for an interview. The saying goes that you can only make one first impression, so let’s make sure that you’re in the best frame of mind to represent yourself well.

Save the job postings that you apply to so you can review it prior to your interview.

Often the online postings expire and are not available when it comes time to interview.

Identify the requirements throughout the entire job posting and write out all that you meet, and then write out all that you don’t.  

Identify for each, an example of a time you demonstrated this skill, knowledge, or ability, or what you can and will do in order to achieve that requirement.

It’s ok if you don’t meet ALL of the requirements, acknowledging it and having a plan to attend to your shortcomings is sometimes even better!

Consider examples of past successes, past learning, and past experiences that you can speak to with confidence.       

You need to remember clearly enough to describe with detail the situation/task, the action you took, and the results that were created. This is the STAR format for answering interview questions – and it’s a brilliant way to organize your thoughts and demonstrate your ability to communicate clearly.

Lastly, and likely the most important – consider the company you’re applying to; be familiar with their core values and learn as much about the corporate culture as possible. Ensure this is the type of company you want to work for and identify ways that your personal values align with theirs.

When preparing for an interview, there are a few steps I’ll suggest you consider working through:

Being prepared for the interview is something you work through from the moment you apply, to the time you thank the hiring team as you walk out of the interview. Thinking through these things is only one portion of the interview preparedness process. You’ll find I’ve written two other interview preparedness blogs; Questions and Considerations, and The Actual Interview. I hope this information is helpful, please take what adds value and leave the rest.

Best of luck!


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