Considering Immigrating to Canada?

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*This piece was written prior to COVID-19.   COVID-19 has put what could be a significant pause on the immigration efforts of each Canadian province. It is with awareness of the hundreds if not thousands of families waiting to embark on their journey to a new home, that the decision to share this information was made. I’m also aware there are many people around the globe aspiring to a better life in Canada, it is my goal to support people to find long-term success in Canada. I trust the Government of Canada and the Provincial and Territorial Leaders to make the best decisions regarding if, when and where they open up the Canadian borders to more families.

I am excited for the day that the true power of the Canadian population can be leveraged and when the value of the newcomers is recognized by Canadian employers. I have been supporting immigrants in one form or another for my entire career, and I’ve seen the battles people face when they newly arrive in Canada. Therefore, it is with confidence that I can say that these challenges have only gotten more and more difficult. I remain hopeful, and if your dream is to come to Canada, keep that dream. Instead, I encourage people to do some serious research before committing to what will likely result in an exceptionally long waiting game to be approved to come to Canada. Also be prepared that once you get here post-secondary education from a Canadian institution and / or Canadian work experience are becoming the minimum requirements for most professional-level opportunities. 

As a recruiter I am sent invites on LinkedIn and social media from talented people all over the world. Their hopes are to connect and learn of opportunities in Canada, and for support in obtaining a job offer so that they can complete their immigration application. To each of you, please let me shed some light.

  • Canadian businesses willing to offer a job to someone who is not yet legally entitled to work in Canada, are few and far between. I personally know of none.
  • It’s unlikely that Canadian employers will consider you for a role unless you are in the country, or in a lot of cases, already living in the right location.
  • Canada is huge. It takes 54 hours to drive from Vancouver to Montreal (and that is not even reaching the east side of Canada), the trip typically takes a week. Every province is unique, and so is the industry presence and talent pool in them.

Here are the 3 steps I suggest you take if you are considering relocating to Canada.


  1. Research the provincial nominee programs, and identify locations that may be willing to sponsor your immigration.
  2. Research those provinces, and their job market / unemployment rate. Resources are available from the Government of Canada, one of particular value is here. Each province will have their own resource center as well.
  3. Connect with others in your industry who have relocated to Canada already. Be sure you understand the challenges you will face when trying to find work here, and what educational commitments you can expect to make once you arrive.

Lastly, be confident and definite in your decision. There is damage to the overall success of newcomers in Canada when people come without a full commitment to being here.

*I support job seekers who are legally entitled to work in Canada and who are willing to commit long term to their new employer. I focus on supporting Saskatchewan – people and companies. If you are interested in finding work within Saskatchewan or are looking for quality people to hire in Saskatchewan, please reach out to me at   I’m happy to help where I’m able

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