Company Values That Attract Quality Job Applicants

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Finding quality candidates in today’s labour market is more difficult than ever.  What you need are company values that attract quality job applicants. In other words, an edge that sets you apart from all of the other companies that are seeking the same workers that you are.  To gain this edge, employers must understand and adopt values that candidates seek.  As can be seen by these three values that job seekers are looking for in potential employers are:

  1. Caring for Staff
  2. Employee Development
  3. Work Life Balance

Value – Caring for Staff

People want to work for companies that are successful in business while also demonstrating care for their staff.  Specifically, employers can demonstrate care for their staff by:

  • Having adequate pay and benefits
  • Offering unique perks like fitness memberships and in-house massage services
  • Providing flexibility so staff can care for their families like flextime, job sharing, and shift work
  • Making sure that management get to know the staff and takes a genuine interest in what the team does outside of work

Value – Employee Development

Job seekers want to work for companies that value them enough to not only train and develop them, but also offer opportunities for them to advance in their careers.  To attract key personnel, companies need a plan for prospective candidates giving them roads to promotion and growth within the company. In other words, a clear future.

Value – Work Life Balance

People want to work for employers that allow them to have a healthy balance between work and play.  More than ever, quality candidates are avoiding burnout and high stress roles.  Offering an appropriate work life balance will attract top talent.  Strategies on how to promote work life balance in your workplace can be found at How To Promote Work Life Balance In The Workplace |

Embracing and demonstrating the above organizational values will give employers company values that attract quality job applicants.

Dawn Hillrud is the owner of Kn/a Sourcing People™ and one of our lead recruiters. Dawn lives our motto: “Connecting Good People with Good Companies”. If you’d like to connect with Dawn and find out what Sourcing People™ can do for you, you can email Dawn here. To read more about Dawn and our other recruiters, visit

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